Services Available Summary




Staff or Individual training in PC operations, Networking, Software use, Printer operations, Process Engineering, Electronic Communications, Software or Hardware Maintenance. Social Network Use and Integration to Operations.

Installation, Troubleshooting, Design, Integration, Operating Systems, Customization, Optimization. Productivity Software, Drivers, Configuration, Graphic Design Software, Business and Accounting Software are all covered.

Service Packages


Full Internet and Social Marketing Package, Annual or Monthly Support/Service Packages, Compliance Audit and Remediation Packages.  Custom Packages designed, by YOU available. Free Estimates.

Custom designed presentations, Marketing Plans, Mailing list and Database management, Integrated Social Network and Internet Marketing, 



Custom designed publications - Flyers, Brochures, Cards, Newsletters, Certificates. Electronic Publishing, Web Site Design and Maintenance, Custom Graphic Design.

Comprehensive support for Microsoft and Unix networks; physical and/or Cloud instances, Comprehensive Network and IT Security Services


Help Desk Operations: We support our customers by telephone as well.  Small problems easily resolved are never billed.  Calls longer than 10-15 minutes may be billed at $25.00 per hour (billing increments are hourly).


Billing/Charges: Our rate for all consulting services is generally negotiable at a  per hour rate or a set fee basis.  Travel over 30 miles is charged at $25.00 per hour.  Significantly lower hourly rates are available by purchasing packages of service hours. Contact us for a FREE estimate and customized package details.